Spiritech | Ambassador Training is Lit!
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Ambassador Training is Lit!


TRIBE: As human beings we are communal yet we often lack the others to connect with that have similar ambitions and goals. Spiritech is a Tribe of Seekers expanding towards sovereignty and once joining you are connected with our social group via you cell phone for a 24/7 connection with people all around the work who have experience, solutions, and most important are genuinely interested in your expansion.

TRAINING: Our courses are not long, drawn out, and fruitless. We take a different approach by addressing what we know to be the issues with maximum prosperity and how to fix them. This reveals the secrets of the mind, body, and Soul, it shows how they can be trained to work in tandem to create real results.

MATERIALS: Not everyone is a marketing guru or design manager, however, we have many on our team. We simplify the wealth process by giving you all the materials and products needed to begin your own business. This includes landing pages, stationary, ads etc. We have over 50 revolutionary products that fit every unique situation for you to represent and offer by themselves or in conjunction with what you are already doing.

ENDORSEMENTS: By now you may have found out just having a great message and even great products in not enough. If people have not heard of you and you don’t have a strong social network visibility it can be tough if not impossible to break in to the market. Spiritech and our outlets have thousands of people already in the network waiting on your uniqueness. We will assist you with unlocking your gifts and once completing our course we will begin to endorse you within our network.

CLIENTS: Open Source Wealth is not just a statement we have a bonafide working way to bring thousands of clients in front of the products you represent. You will be basically giving away money so it does not involve a hard sell. In addition all the materials you will need to approach these clients will be given to you from start to finish so you do not need extensive knowledge in any area to make it happen.


AUTHOR: Sevan Bomar

Master Motivator

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