Spiritech | Simple Steps to a Safe Sleeping Sanctuary
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Simple Steps to a Safe Sleeping Sanctuary

It’s a new year and as with any new year we see countless articles encouraging us to try new diets and exercise regimes to grab back some control on our eating patterns and reclaim our good habits. Consequently to mix things up a bit and focus on something a little different beyond diet and movement today we want to get you all focused on that space that is (or at least should be) your sanctuary, this space is your bedroom.

Given that on average we spend 22 years of our life sleeping and most of our cell regeneration takes place during the night, this room is critical for our health and vitality.

1 – Keep all electronic devices to a minimum in the bedroom. If you use a digital clock radio keep a minimum of 1 meter from your bedhead. If you love your electric blanket just turn it off and unplug before getting into bed. Our bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place where the body can rest and regenerate so it’s important that we pay special attention to this room. When it comes to electromagnetic fields it’s all about distance – distance between you and the source. Electromagnetic fields can interfere with our bodies, reduce melatonin levels and stop us getting a good night sleep. This is why we advise to keep all electronic devices to a minimum and to keep a distance from the bed at a minimum of one meter.

2 – Wherever possible avoid wireless devices. If you use Wi-Fi in your home turn the router off when not in use particularly at night and keep it well away from bedrooms. Locate your meter box. If it’s on the other side of your bedhead move the bed to the opposite wall to create as much distance as possible.

3 – A lot of us use our mobiles for alarms. Put it in flight mode and keep a distance from the bed; you’ll be less likely to hit snooze multiple times.

4 – Make your bedroom a safe haven, free from synthetic fragrances and chemicals. Synthetic fragrances and perfumes can contain a huge amount of allergens some of which will contain phthalates, which are endocrine disrupting chemicals. Use essential oils rather than perfume and opt for products that don’t contain fragrance (perfume).

5 – Opt for mattresses and pillows made out of natural fibers such as natural latex, organic cotton wool, bamboo, hemp, silk and linen.  Conventional mattresses, pillows and sheets can contain a whole host of chemicals. As we spend so much time sleeping it is important to choose the best mattress possible.

6 – Choose rugs instead of carpets. Rugs are much easier to clean than carpets, which can be problematic especially for those with allergies and asthma.

Building Biology is a science that studies how buildings affect our health and how we can apply this knowledge to create environments that support and nourish us. By harmonizing the elements Feng Shui can create a sense of calm and feeling of being in a safe haven, your own sanctuary. Our modern way of life can contribute to ill health and our homes can play a big part in this. We spend a lot of time indoors and if like me, you work from home and have young children well over 90% of your time can be spent at home.


AUTHOR: Sevan Bomar

Master Motivator

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