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Spiritech Specialist and Ambassador Resources

A composition of all materials related to product training and the mindset of fulfillment

*Means this is an Ambassador Only Feature click here to learn about becoming an Ambassador



These training materials gathered over time address the reason why your service is needed by so many. There are also videos that instruct you on every product we carry and its potential use. This information also contains methods of analyzing a potential client.


State of the People Address

Secret Energy Product Description

Quick Video on Tibetan Products

Secret Energy Products Description “Older but useful”

Quick Reference of Products and their use.

VAF Orientation – Meaning and use of Form Fields

VAF Orientation – Using Life Paths – Password: vaf

Life Path .pdf. http://www.mediafire.com/file/i1bl1q54l41o4um/Life_Path_Numbers_1-9.pdf

Example of a 6 Month Health Coach Outline



You can use your affiliate links to direct a potential client to our store and specific products or you can have your own store! This store can be embedded on your site and looks like it is your own personal store. See a sample of what the store will look like here https://spiritechs.com/sample-store/


To apply for your own store fill out the form available at the link below and we will notify you once it has been created along with how to install it into your site. https://spiritechs.com/affiliate-store-application/



Spiritech provides banners, cards, ads, catalogs, price lists, and many other materials that can be used to boost your sales and can also be repurposed for what you wish.


Download all the elements here: https://spiritechs.com/stationery-identity/

Note: This area is being redesigned however if you click on the download links on the page you will be able to download all materials.

Landing Pages*


*This is an Ambassador Only feature

Landing pages are a great way to attract clients from a variety of channels such as Facebook. They can be used in marketing campaigns and sales funnels. We can generate a complete landing page for you with your links embedded into the page. If someone purchases the product from the landing page, you will receive commissions.


Note: We love creating more tools that will assist you in success, due to the size of our elite team we ask that you only request materials when you are ready to use.

Follow the directions here:


Live Support Groups*


*This is an Ambassador Only feature

The Ambassador Tribe is also a support system for those who have taken the extra step and joined forces with us. These are 24/7 chat groups conducted via Whatsapp on your mobile device. There are 3 groups running currently.

The Ambassador Tribe Chat

Connect with other Ambassadors for an amazingly synchronistic holistic union.

The Crypto Tribe Chat

Get Cryptocurrency updates and information in real time. This is also a great place to connect with other Tribe members interested in crypto.

The Sovereign Family Chat 

Connect with Ambassadors for important family matters such as raising children.


To join the Whatsapp chat send an email to support with your cell phone number along with a quick note as to what group(s) you would like to be added to.

You can reach Ambassador support at info@spiritek.com

Focus Groups*


*This is an Ambassador Only feature

We cover what we feel are the most pertinent topics in Ambassador Training, however, these topics can vast and sometimes there is a need for focus. We have created individual focus groups in Slack in order to have specific areas for core training topics.

The currency focus groups running are:

Life Coaching




To join a Focus Group fill out the form located at the link below.


Social Media Partnership*


*This is an Ambassador Only feature

The Ambassador Social Media Partnership

The ASMP is a way to generate healthy capital and amazing relationships without necessarily selling products. Because Spiritech Ambassadors receive a 3% downline this means that you get 3% of each sale made by any Social Media Ambassador (SMA) you refer. Since there are social media accounts with literally thousands of subscribers if you can convince them to sign up as a Social Media Ambassador (SMA), you will rapidly see the rewards. Keep in mind there are millions of avenues such as Instagram, Facebook, Life Coach Directories

The criteria for becoming an (SMA) are:

* Their media page must have at least 7,000 Subscribers, Likes, or Followers.*


To get setup to offer someone to become a Social Media Ambassador follow the instructions located at the link below.


VAF Specialist*


*This is an Ambassador Only feature

A VAF or Vibratory Analysis Form is a form we have clients fill out for us to better assess the situation they are experiencing and potential solutions. These forms come in from time-to-time and responding to them once they are assigned to you is another way for you to gain clients from leads we offer you in this process. You will go through the training process to become a VAF Specialist that involves integration with other tribe members until we feel you are ready to venture out and handle forms on your own. Meet other amazing people that need your assistance by becoming a VAF Specialist!

View the Vibratory Analysis Form


To apply to become a VAF Specialist you will need to email us directly at info@spiritek.com to indicate you would like to begin training for this opportunity.

Spiritech Life Coach*


*This is an Ambassador Only feature

Its natural for Spiritech to begin Life Coaching services so we have already begun the process of integrating it into our platform. Our service will feature a vast array of coaches from a variety of backgrounds that will be chosen by the client to assist them in their transformation. We are currently getting geared up and our demo site is already located at https://life.spiritechs.com


Coming Soon

Web Design Course*


*This is an Ambassador Only feature

Your brand reflects the message you are sending. We have put this special web design course together for Ambassadors in order to learn the secrets of the pros for accomplishing great design.


Design and Branding Course


Rewards Card*


*This is an Ambassador Only feature

We have many upcoming events and contests that we will be rewarding Ambassadors for based on their performance. The Ambassador Rewards card is a way for us to give more incentivizes to you that can redeemed in our store and within our ecosystem.

Currently in Beta


To get an Ambassador Rewards Card once they are released fill out the form located below.

Diagrams and Documents

Seeker Analysis Form WEB .PDF

Products Quick Reference WEB

Life Path Information .PDF

6 Month Health Coach Outline .PDF